What they said

Kat Steves



"The Middle of Nowhere is one of my favourite places in the world to play and be a part of. Until getting up on their stage I had never played at an open mic and since then I have been back every Tuesday that I can. They are the kindest, most welcoming, and open hearted group I have ever got to play with"

Sam Tetsos



"I was introduced to the TMoN through my friend and fellow comedian Matt Keenan, and amongst the merky waters of comedy open mics, TMoN instantly became a space I felt comfortable growing as a comedian and an artist, amongst people much more talented than myself. An ever attentive and supportive audience for comedy - who would have thought it ever existed. That is why I'll never tell another comedian this place exists"

Willem James Cowan



"I learned about The Middle of Nowhere through my friend Mitchell, who performs occasionally. The first time I played, I was amazed at how respectful and engaged the room was. As an independent artist it can be hard to get audiences to connect with you at shows, and The Middle of Nowhere is a great, accepting space for all types of artists who are looking for somewhere where people will truly listen"

Emily Siskos



"After I moved to Toronto, I found a community of musicians, artists, and thinkers at the middle of nowhere. This little pocket of community made the city feel so much more accepting. It’s a great place to perform, even if you’re a beginner.”

Joshua Smart


I’m a bartender at the Imperial Pub, where the Middle of Nowhere has made their home for the last several months.  When I heard there was going to be an open mic at the pub I was super psyched, because music is very important to me, and I often don’t get time to go out to open mic’s around the city, so this we extremely convenient.  I can’t say enough good things about Mitch and Jack, as they are extremely welcoming and supportive to any performers who wish to share their talents, whatever they may be. I always felt at home when I was asked to perform.  As an employee, I didn’t get the opportunity to sit and enjoy the whole show, but whenever I got the chance, I’d peak my head in and check out whatever act was on at the time. It was always an enjoyable experience for me.  I’m going to miss TMoN on Tuesday nights because it made it my favourite shift of the week to work. But I’ll definitely cherish the memories

Irade Alexi Helligar



"I have to say, I don't know where to begin with a testimonial. I love attending TMoN. I don't know what to say other than TMoN is great. If you enjoy humour, indie music, poetry, and impromptu philosophy, it is fun, so come"