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The soul of The Middle of Nowhere is growth. We want audience members to grow, performers to grow, and the show itself to grow.

With your financial support, we will be able to purchase our own gear - mixer, speakers, monitors, instruments, cables, and other equipment so that we can take TMoN wherever we want. We are currently looking to do a weekly show in the west end of Toronto. Your funding will enable us to maximize the use of that space. We'd like to be able to have events in parks, on beaches, or city parking lots, all with the hope of bringing people together. We will also use your funding as a way to pay for our time invested in the show, which will mean we no longer need to work other jobs as a way to make money. Thank you!

TMoN has a plan to do a road trip across the Eastern part of Canada - from Toronto to Charlottetown, PEI - popping into small towns, big cities, and everything in-between. We want to meet as many people as possible - artist and audience alike - capturing Canada in a never-before-done way. We will produce a documentary about the adventure, turning it into a film that we will submit to festivals. Your money will help us do this.

Then, after we have completed our wild adventure, we will settle down and give TMoN its own permanent location: A spot in Toronto that will act as a community space/live-entertainment venue where shows will occur every night, individuals can come to read, write, paint, or network with fellow artists, where they can eat and drink and feel free to express themselves, as well as, hopefully, find a sense of belonging. 

The Middle of Nowhere is, more than anything, about family. We are trying to help as many people as we can feel like they are connected to something, something Real. Whether it be through music, comedy, poetry, food and drink, hugs and laughs, or powerful silences, TMoN wants to pull the Real out of Reality.

Thank you so very much for your consideration!

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