About The Middle of Nowhere



"TMoN is about developing a meaningful relationship with reality"



"TMoN is about love and life and what it's like to live the conscious experience"



"TMoN creates sonic bonds that amalgamate shared reality"

3… 2.. 1. Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere!

At a bar in Toronto, music, comedy, poetry, spoken-word, and philosophy are performed live in front a real audience. The whole two-hour show is recorded with a quad-binaural microphone, which captures sound in three dimensions. The microphone was designed to work alongside virtual reality software, and when listened to through headphones, the podcast has a depth of sound that makes you feel like you are actually there. The Middle of Nowhere is where authentic, live performances and high-quality technology meet, creating a podcast that captures the next best thing to real life.

What To Expect In TMoN: 

· Performances by Indie Musicians and Comedians: Some of whom have never performed live before and are just doing it for fun, while others are established artists looking to grow their fanbase. There is everything from simple and well-known cover songs played on the acoustic guitar, to original compositions played on a piano, to beat-boxers, to jam sessions, to backing-tracks played underneath live vocals. There are also comedians! One of the best parts about having comedians follow musicians is that it usually makes the comedians more self-conscious, which seems to make them funnier. The variance on display is one of the unique features at TMoN, and a major reason each episode is worth listening to. 

· Performances by Spoken-Word Artists and Poets: Something that is not heard very much in today’s world are stories performed live. Spoken-Word artists bring their essays, fiction, and non-fiction tales to TMoN and read them aloud. This brings a fireside vibe to the bar, and is a truly beautiful experience. The poets who come and perform are given the space to enunciate their whimsical words while physically embodying their tone, demonstrating that poetry is just as happy to live out loud than quietly in the mind. There are also jester-type performers who parody things like politics and Super Mario Bros. You never know what you’ll get at TMoN.

· Unpack That with Jack: As the host of The Middle of Nowhere, Jack’s role includes facilitating the evening, introducing the acts, as well as giving prizes away to the audience. But the beautifully unique part about Jack is his genuine journalistic curiosity. Between acts, he talks directly to the audience, asking them questions about where they’ve come from, why they came, and what they like to do. This brings a humility to the show, reminding everyone that, although there are performers demonstrating their talent on stage, the show is also about the audience, who are just as interesting as the artists. 

· The Middle of Nowhere House Band: Peter and Tara, who are brother and sister, and both very talented musicians, jam on stage all night long. They jazz up the evening by improvising music between performances, they add colour to the words of the storytellers and poets, and sometimes they play alongside other artists, turning a solo act into a full band performance. 

· Mitchell’s Symposium: Mitchell Anton MacEachern wanted to create a space where people could come to have a great time, feel comfortable enough to express themselves honestly, and to grow. His Symposium is where he brings his ideas to the stage, developing a conversation with the audience about deep topics like love, fear, trust, suffering, and honesty. At its heart, the Symposium attempts to take philosophy outside the classroom and put it into the open air so it can breathe. It is a refreshingly fun exploration into the human condition.